Pele’s Memorable Goals | Won the World Cup at the age of 17, these are Pele’s five most memorable goals. Navabharat (New India)

Washington: When Pele scored, it seemed so easy. Dribbling past defenders to take the ball to the opposition goal and score in a pinch with a powerful shot or a flowing free kick or a powerful header. He scored more than a thousand goals for Brazilian club Santos and scored 95 goals for Brazil. There is not footage of all of Pele’s goals, but some memorable goals have been caught on camera. Some of his memorable goals are as follows.

First goal: 7 September 1956, in Santo André, Brazil

How: Pele was very young and had just started playing for Santos. He scored as soon as he entered the match in the second half and that exhibition match was won by Santos 7-1. Jaluar, the goalkeeper of the opposing team, later made a business card and wrote on it, ‘The first goalkeeper in the world to concede a goal to Pele.’

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Best goal: 2 August 1959, at Sao Paulo

How: This goal is considered to be his best which is not recorded but later it was digitally prepared for a film. It was created on the basis of experience of players, fans, journalists. Pele had received the ball inside the circle and immediately carried it forward. When the defender challenged him, he flicked the ball past another defender near the penalty spot. The ball didn’t touch the ground and he flicked it past the third defender and scored in front of the goal.

First goal in World Cup: 19 June 1958

How: Pele’s first goal in the World Cup was a work of beauty. He scored this goal in the second half of the quarter-final against Wales. With his back to the goal, the 17-year-old Pele controlled the ball by blocking it with his chest. After this, he scored a goal with a kick from the right foot.

First goal in a World Cup final: 29 June 1958 in Solna, Sweden

How: Pele scored six goals in his first World Cup. He hit 5 in the final against Sweden. Scored two goals in a 2-2 win. The first goal gave Brazil a 3.1 lead and the second was a header before the final whistle.

Last goal in World Cup: 21 June 1970, in Mexico City

How: Pele scored the 12th and last goal in the World Cup against Italy. In front of over a million spectators, they beat Brazil 4. Scored the first goal in a 1-0 win. Pelé leapt into the air on Rivelino’s cross and headed home the ball. (agency)

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