Police was seen dragging Sheezan Khan without slippers, angry people said ‘shameful’

Tunisha Sharma Death Case: TV actress Tunisha Sharma ended her life at the age of 20 by hanging herself on the sets of her TV show ‘Ali Baba: Dastan-e-Kabul’. Her mother has held ex-boyfriend and co-star Sheezan Khan responsible for her daughter’s suicide. Along with this, a case has been registered against him for abetment to suicide. Sheejan is currently in police custody. He was also produced in the court in the past. During this, people have expressed their displeasure over Sheejan being taken without slippers.

Police was seen dragging Sheejan

Sheejan Khan was arrested in Tunisha Sharma suicide case. Sheejan was in police custody till 28 December 2022. Recently, he was presented in Vasai court, where his remand has been extended for two more days. Meanwhile, a video is becoming fiercely viral on social media. In the video, the police is seen dragging Sheejan to the court without slippers. Paparazzi and the media surrounded him. The police was going inside the court in a hurry to avoid them.

people got angry

During this, the way the police was dragging Sheejan. People did not like it. Sheejan was barefoot during this time. People are expressing displeasure over this on social media and are calling it inhuman. One user said, “It is an inhuman way to do this to an accused.” Another commented, “This is a shameful behavior.” One said, “It is inhuman to treat someone like this.” In this way people are expressing their anger on the police and the media.

Reason for Tunisha’s suicide

Tunisha Sharma’s mother says that because of the breakup with Sheejan Khan, her daughter took this big step. A few months back, Tunisha and Sheejan had entered into a relationship. His mother alleges that Sheejan was in a relationship with many other girls, so he suddenly broke up with Tunisha. Because of this, Tunisha started getting very upset.

At present, the police is engaged in extracting the truth from Sheejan. Police say that Sheejan is changing the statement again and again and he is telling the reason for the breakup to be different religion and age gap.

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