Priyanka Chopra will quit acting! Will take retirement from a career of 21 years? For whom will she put her career at stake

New Delhi. Global star Priyanka Chopra is in headlines these days for her statements. After his ex-relationship, he gave that statement, after knowing which his fans are getting surprised. Priyanka, who has made a good mark from Bollywood to Hollywood, is going to say goodbye to her acting career? This question is because what he has said recently is pointing in this direction.

After 21 years of hard work, today Priyanka Chopra has made a good hold in Hollywood along with Bollywood, so why is she talking about giving up her career. After all, for whom are they ready to put their career at stake, for which they worked hard day and night.

‘I will give up my career without question’
In a parent’s discussion with Movie Cities, Priyanka Chopra said this in a conversation with Femina. The actress said that she can happily give up her career for the sake of her daughter Malti. My career matters. I didn’t think of this until I was working on my book. Then I thought that now I am 40 years old. Now I will be asked to give up my career and change the country, so I will do it for my daughter without any question.

parents make sacrifices
Referring to his parents, he told how he used to travel with them. Then Priyanka used to take her decision for granted. But they now understand that it is the responsibility of the parents to make adjustments for the children. He said that it is a huge sacrifice and we are very lucky that we have got such parents who did this.

Sons should also be brought up like daughters
Desi Girl further said, but there are families who are under social pressure, who do not know that they do not appreciate their daughters. So, I think one thing we need to do is talk to each other while raising children, raise our sons in a way that has respect for women, create opportunities in the society. Where women are in positions of power, not just getting jobs, but actually being decision makers. I think that’s going to change for us.

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