Pulses Price Hike: After roti, now pulses are also expensive! Arhar-urad dal prices increased by 10% in six months

Pulses Price Hike: The pulses on your plate are getting expensive again. In the recent times, there has been a rise in the prices of Arhar Dal. The figures of the government itself are also testifying to this fact. According to government data, there has been a jump of 10 percent in the prices of pulses in the last six months. The maximum increase has been seen in the prices of Arhar and Urad Dal.

Increased prices of Arhar-Urad Dal

According to the data of the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, on December 29, the average price of pigeon pea or toor dal has reached Rs 111.9 per kg, which was Rs 102.87 per kg on June 1, 2022. The modal price is now Rs 110 per kg, which was Rs 100 per kg on June 1. Most people in India like to eat Arhar Dal. The prices of Urad Dal have also seen a jump in this period. According to the government data on December 29, 2022, the modal price of Urad Dal i.e. the average price is Rs 110 per kg, which was available at Rs 100 per kg on June 1, 2022. Means, according to government data, prices have increased by 10 percent in six months. The inflation in pulses was 3.15 per cent in the month of November.

Government took this step

In order to control the prices of Arhar and Urad pulses, the government has extended the free-import policy for both these pulses till 31 August 2024. Under this policy pulses can be imported without any restrictions. According to an estimate, India imports 15 percent of its pulses.

import from abroad

In 2021-22, 2 million tonnes of pulses were imported. Under the bilateral agreement, India has assured to import 0.25 million tonnes of Urad Dal and 0.1 million tonnes of Arhar Dal from Myanmar. India is also importing Arhar Dal from Mozambique. Apart from this, tur dal can also be imported from Malawi so that the prices can be controlled in the domestic market. Significantly, in 2016, the price of Arhar Dal had reached Rs 200 per kg.

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