Rajesh Khanna did not talk to Shatrughan Sinha for a lifetime, both were once best friends, ‘shotgun’ kept apologizing

Mumbai. Shatrughan Sinha is such a Bollywood star who turned to politics after earning a name in the industry. Not only this, Shatrughan Sinha also became a successful politician after being an actor. Born on 15 July 1946 in Patna district of Bihar, Shatrughan Sinha comes from a Kayastha family. Shatrughan, the youngest of his 4 brothers, has been the most pampered and mischievous in the family. Shatrughan’s father Bhuvaneshwari Prasad Sinha was a doctor by profession. Bhuvaneshwari had 4 sons whose names were named Ram, Lakshman, Bharat and Shatrughan.

Bhuvaneshwari wanted to make 2 of his sons scientists and 2 doctors. Shatrughan’s two elder brothers became scientists and one elder brother became a doctor. Shatrughan was also good in studies but his mind was more involved in mischief. Shatrughan Sinha was fond of mimicry and acting since childhood. After completing his schooling, Shatrughan decided to learn acting from the Film Institute of Pune. After this, Shatrughan Sinha acted for the first time in the year 1970 in Devanand’s film Prem Pujari. Shatrughan Sinha played the role of a Pakistani Army officer in this film.

Shatrughan Sinha was a hit in acting

Shatrughan never looked back after this film. Shatrughan Sinha’s first release film was Saajan which came in 1969. After this, Shatrughan Sinha also worked in Gulzar’s debut directed film Mere Apne. In the year 1973, Shatrughan Sinha also worked in the film Sabak with his future wife Poonam Sinha. After this Shatrughan has done more than 100 films in his career. Of these, Takdeer, Shiva in 1983, Teesri Aankh, Sagar in 1982, and Hathkadi, Inspector in 1982 have been special. Shatrughan Sinha decided to make his career in politics from films in the 90s. From here the series of evil started with Shatrughan Sinha’s dear friend Rajesh Khanna.

This is the full story of anger

In fact, in the year 1992, Shatrughan Sinha filed a nomination against his old friend Rajesh Khanna in the by-election from Delhi. When Rajesh Khanna came to know about this, he felt very bad. Rajesh Khanna was contesting on behalf of the Congress. Whereas Shatrughan Sinha was fielded from the BJP. However, in this election, Rajesh Khanna won by a margin of 25 thousand votes. But still he had accepted evil from Shatrughan Sinha. After this, Rajesh Khanna did not talk to Shatrughan Sinha till his death. Shatrughan Sinha tried many times but Rajesh Khanna did not forgive him.

Shatrughan Sinha himself told the story

Shatrughan had mentioned this in an interview given to Times of India some time back. In which Shatrughan told that, ‘There was a political fight in our Delhi elections. Rajesh Khanna became very angry about this matter. He didn’t forgive me. After this I also tried to apologize many times but he did not forgive. Later the same story was repeated with Shatrughan Sinha as well. Shekhar Suman also contested against Shatrughan Sinha. In the elections held in the year 2014, Shatrughan Sinha was in the fray from Patilputra seat. It was from here that Shekhar Suman also filled the form. Although Shatrughan Sinha won this election. Whereas Shekhar Suman had to face defeat in this.

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