Ram Charan takes Ram’s temple with him wherever he goes, took blessings even before Oscar, watch video

Actor Ram Charan has many fans in the South Industry. But after ‘R R R’ his popularity skyrocketed. Ram Charan has been idolized by fans not just for his good looks, charming personality and acting talent, but for another reason.

Actor Ram Charan has many fans in the South Industry. But after ‘R R R’ his popularity skyrocketed. Ram Charan’s fans only Not for good looks, attractive personality and acting talent, but for another reason, he has been put on the pedestal of ideals. This is his spiritual approach.

The stars of the southern industry have already found a place in the good books of cinephiles for their close association with Indian culture. Among them too, people have a little more respect for Ram Charan. Many people know that every year actor Ayyappa comes for initiation. there he They come barefoot and wearing black clothes.

Ram Charan worshiped at the Sabarimala temple in Kerala following strict rules for 41 days. He was also seen going to America barefoot. Although Ram Charan was seen wearing suit boots on the stage of Oscar. But one more thing caught the attention of netizens.

A behind the scenes video has surfaced in which Ram Charan and wife Upasana Kamineni welcome the audience to their hotel room in Los Angeles. They have placed a small temple for worship on a table inside the room. This indicates that wherever Ram Charan goes, he takes the idol of Ram with him. He decorates this small temple wherever he goes. He did the same during the Oscars. He was seen standing with folded hands in front of a statue of Lord Rama before going to Oxer.

Talking about the reason, Ram Charan says, ‘This tradition connects us to our Indian roots and strength. And it is very important to say thanks and gratitude to all those who have helped us reach here. Ram Charan also showed his clothes and said that he feels that he has kept his country with him. The dress is also a bit heavy. Because the pride of India rests on his shoulders.

This video is a few hours before the song Naatu Naatu won the Oscar. Then history is made. Natu Natu won the Oscar for Best Original Song and ‘The Elephant Whispers’ won the Oscar for ‘Best Documentary Short Subject’ which lit up the entire nation.


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