Recap 2022. From protests against Hijab law in Iran to Corona getting out of control in China, read this year’s top international news

This year many such incidents took place on the international level, which shook the whole world. A month after the beginning of the year, Russia started attacking Ukraine. Apart from this, women in Iran were seen protesting for their rights. At the same time, at the end of the year, Corona has created havoc in China.

This year many such incidents took place on the international level, which shook the whole world. A month after the beginning of the year, Russia started attacking Ukraine. Don’t know how many people have lost their lives in the Russia-Ukraine war, yet both the countries are not ready to stop the war. Apart from this, women in Iran were seen protesting for their rights. At the same time, at the end of the year, Corona has created havoc in China. From the beginning till the end of the year 2022, people got to see a lot of bloodshed at the international level.

Russia-Ukraine War

The war between Russia and Ukraine is one of the biggest international events this year. This ongoing war between the two countries started in February this year, but even after 10 months, there is no hope of ending it. Angered by increasing proximity to NATO, Russia started attacking Ukraine. Putin started a war with Ukraine relying on his army and weapons but he has to pay a big price for it. On the other hand, buildings are collapsing in Ukraine, but the morale of this country is as high as on the first day of the war. In the early days of the war, Russia had occupied many areas of Ukraine, which the country has taken back. The whole world is facing the consequences of this ongoing war between the two countries.

Sri Lanka’s economic crisis and mass movement

India’s neighboring country Sri Lanka is once again facing protests due to which the situation in the country is expected to worsen once again. In fact, Sri Lanka, which is facing an economic crisis, is not getting the help it needs to stand on its feet again. The Sri Lankan government also has limited resources due to which it is not able to meet the needs of the people and due to this, the anger of the people is increasing. The people of Sri Lanka feel that the provisional government cannot solve their problems, so elections should be held there as soon as possible so that the crisis that is overshadowing the country can be removed.

Imran’s Bye Bye in Pakistan

This year saw a big change in the politics of Pakistan. The National Assembly elected Shehbaz Sharif as Prime Minister, ousting Imran Khan from power. With this, Shahbaz Sharif became the 23rd Prime Minister of Pakistan. After losing power in Pakistan, Imran Khan suffered another major setback when the Election Commission disqualified him for five years. After this, Imran Khan started the ‘Azadi’ march, during which a bullet was fired to kill him. However, Imran survived and started his rally again.

Historic protests against hijab law in Iran

At present, women in Iran have launched a vigorous movement against the hijab. The anti-hijab movement started because a 22-year-old girl named Mahsa Amini was arrested in Tehran for not wearing a hijab. For this crime, he was punished so severely in custody that he died due to torture. The incident provoked the anger of Iranian women. Girl students and women started throwing their hijabs, anti-hijab slogans were raised collectively, colleges went on strike in protest against hijab, hijabs were set on fire, protesting women showed courage and directly confronted the police. Not only this, Iranian women are even getting their hair cut.

Demonstration of people against Kovid policy in China

Distressed by the increasing protests in China, the government there gave relaxation in the zero-covid policy, but after that, with the rapid increase in the cases of Corona, it is becoming beyond the capacity of President Xi Jinping to handle the situation in the country. The virus which was made by Xi Jinping to destroy the world, the same virus is now engaged in destroying him. In view of the increasing cases of Corona, the Chinese economy is facing setbacks because business is closed, offices are locked, investment in the country has also stopped, other countries of the world are buying Chinese goods due to fear of virus. They have started shying away from buying, due to which there is a pile of containers filled with different types of goods at airports and ports and the goods kept inside it are rotting.

America’s midterm elections and their results

The possibility of a one-sided wave of the Donald Trump-led Republican Party in the mid-term elections in the US has proved to be wrong. Contrary to forecasts, Joe Biden has become the first president in American history in decades to lead a party that performed better than expected in the midterm elections. Happy with the performance of the Democratic Party, Joe Biden looks very optimistic about his next term as well but it remains to be seen whether age will support him or not. The results of the elections that have been revealed so far are also showing that the American people have adopted the middle path and have avoided giving a huge majority to any one party.

Britain’s political crisis

Rishi Sunak vs Liz Tres ie the race to become the Prime Minister of Britain ended on 5th September. When Liz Truss became the first choice for the post of Prime Minister of Britain by defeating Rishi Sunak by more than 20 thousand votes. But within 45 days of assuming power, the situation became such that he had to resign from his post. Rishi Sunak became the 57th Prime Minister of Britain after Liz’s resignation. As soon as he arrived at his official residence of 10 Downing Street. Everyone’s eyes were fixed on him. Britain’s biggest newspaper Guardian was writing a headline welcoming a Hindu Prime Minister – First Hindu at No. 10 means the first Hindu is going to live in Ten Downing Street, the official residence of the Prime Minister of Britain.

Indonesia’s new legal provisions

If you look at the provisions of the new Criminal Code of Indonesia, it seems quite dangerous. Many of its provisions are such that they empower the government at the cost of the citizens. Anti-sexuality law is the most prominent among the provisions of this code which are being strongly opposed across the world. Under this provision, sex outside marriage in Indonesia is now punishable by up to one year in prison. Apart from this, another provision states that couples who live together without being legally married will also have to go to jail.


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