Rishabh Pant Car Accident: ‘I thought he would not survive…’ Eyewitness narrated Rishabh Pant’s accident

Rishabh pant accident: Indian team’s star wicket-keeper batsman Rishabh Pant’s car met with an accident in the early hours of Friday. Pant has suffered serious head and knee injuries. Apart from this, there were injuries in some parts of the back and legs. This accident of Pant happened in Mohammadpur Jat area near Roorkee. After this accident, a bus driver saved the life of Rishabh Pant by becoming the messiah. The driver first stopped the bus and took Rishabh Pant away from the car. After this he was taken to the hospital.

Rishabh Pant was going to his home town Roorkee by driving his own car. During this, he blinked and his car collided with the divider and met with an accident. Pant himself told that he came out after breaking the wind screen. After this, there was a huge fire in the car. After this accident, Sushil was the first to reach Rishabh Pant.

The driver who saved Rishabh Pant told the story

Regarding the incident, Sushil Kumar told that I am a driver in Haryana Roadways. I was coming from Haridwar. As soon as we reached Narsan, 200 meters before. I saw a car coming from Delhi side and hit the divider at a speed of about 60-70. After colliding, the car came on the Haridwar line. I saw that now the bus will also collide. We will not be able to save anyone. Because I had a distance of 50 meters only. I immediately removed the car from the service line and put it in the first line. That car left in the second line. My car was in the speed of 50-60. I immediately applied brakes and jumped from the window side.

I didn’t recognize Rishabh Pant: Bus driver

Sushil Kumar told, ‘I saw that man (Rishabh Pant), he was lying on the ground. I thought he would not survive. Sparks were coming out in the car. He (Pant) was lying beside him. We picked him up and took him away from the car. I asked him – someone else is inside the car. He said that I was alone. Then he told that I am Rishabh Pant. I don’t know that much about cricket. Made him stand on the side. There were no clothes on his body, so we wrapped him in our sheet.

Driver-operator honored

The driver and conductor who reached Panipat were felicitated by GM Kuldeep Jangra of Panipat. He told that by saving the life of Rishabh Pant, the driver and conductor have set an excellent example and shown humanity. He told that he has also had a conversation with State Transport Minister Moolchand Sharma, he has asked for the details of the driver and operator. He told that the government will also honor the driver and operator.

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