Ruckus continues on Rahul Gandhi’s statement, Ravi Shankar Prasad said – ‘How long will you keep misleading the country’

Rahul Gandhi UK Speech Row: Uproar is increasing over Congress MP Rahul Gandhi’s statement in London. On Thursday (March 16), there was a fierce fight between the Congress and the BJP on this issue. There has been an uproar in both the Houses of the Parliament on this issue for the last three days. BJP is constantly demanding an apology from Rahul Gandhi. After returning from London, Rahul Gandhi reached Parliament on Thursday.

Former Congress President Rahul Gandhi held a press conference regarding this matter and launched a scathing attack on the BJP. After this, senior leader and MP Ravi Shankar Prasad retaliated by PC. First, Rahul Gandhi alleged that the BJP was creating a spectacle to divert attention from the Adani issue. I am an MP, so first I want to put my point in the Parliament. There will be a conversation with the media later.

“Will not be allowed to speak in Lok Sabha”

Rahul Gandhi said that he also met Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla today and urged him to allow him to speak in the House. He hoped that he would be allowed to speak in the Lok Sabha on Friday. However, the Congress MP also expressed apprehension that he might not be allowed to speak in the Lok Sabha.

“What is PM’s relation with Adani?”

He said that 4 ministers of the government have accused me in the house, so I have the right to keep my point in the house. Today the house was adjourned only after my arrival and I think they will not allow me to speak in the house tomorrow also. The government and the Prime Minister are scared of Adani ji’s issue. the main issue is Narendra Modi What is the relation between ji and Adani ji? He alleged that the Prime Minister was unable to answer his questions.

Ravi Shankar Prasad retaliated on behalf of BJP

After Rahul Gandhi’s PC, Ravi Shankar Prasad on behalf of BJP said in a press conference that till when Rahul Gandhi will continue to mislead the country’s democracy and 140 crore people. It is his habit to insult the sentiments of Indians by criticizing Indian democracy abroad.

“Will campaign across the country”

The BJP MP further said that we will run a campaign across the country for an apology from Rahul Gandhi. Talking baseless is his habit. Nor did he say even once today that he is refuting his remarks of US and European interference. Rahul Gandhi should correct his knowledge about India’s foreign policy. You are a novice in this field, yet you speak. There is a need to debate on how much Rahul Gandhi understands the country’s foreign policy.

“Your ego is not bigger than the country”

He said that Rahul Gandhi has not expressed any regret for what he said. BJP’s stand is that he should apologise. If Congress does not get votes, it is because of its incompetence. This does not give the leaders of his party the right to insult India. It has become a habit of him (Rahul Gandhi) to talk about baseless, absurd things. Rahul Gandhi ji, your ego is not bigger than the country. What is your friendship with China?

It is worth noting that recently in a program in London, Rahul Gandhi had alleged that India’s democratic structure is under barbaric attack. He regretted that the democratic parts of the world including America and Europe have failed to pay attention to this. Rahul had also alleged that Prime Minister Narendra Modi was destroying India’s democratic structure.

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