Saba Ibrahim Miscarriage | Deepika Kakkar’s sister-in-law Saba Ibrahim has a mountain of sorrows, YouTuber’s miscarriage. Navabharat (New India)

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Mumbai : A bad news has come to the fore about Shoaib Ibrahim’s sister and Dipika Kakar’s sister-in-law Saba Ibrahim. A mountain of sorrows has befallen famous blogger Saba Ibrahim. She revealed her pregnancy a few weeks back. But now she has miscarried. Saba Ibrahim and her husband Khalid Niaz have shared this bad news with their fans through their blog.

In the latest YouTube video, Saba Ibrahim and Khalid Niaz are seen getting emotional while informing about their child’s demise. In the video, Saba Ibrahim’s husband Khalid Niyaz tells that Saba Ibrahim’s bleeding was happening continuously. The doctors told them that the baby’s heartbeat was up and down, but after 15 days on May 8, when the doctors scanned Saba Ibrahim, the doctors asked for an abortion.

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During this, Saba showed a lot of courage and both returned home. The next morning at 6.30 when Saba reached the hospital with her husband, Saba was taken to the operation theatre. Where the child was taken out and then the doctors came out of the operation theater and told Khalid Niaz that Sabah is fine. Saba Ibrahim and her husband showed courage saying it was the will of Allah. Everyone is giving courage to Saba Ibrahim as soon as this video comes to the fore. Please tell that Saba Ibrahim and Khalid Niaz were tied in marriage in November 2022.

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