Sanjeev Kumar did not want to do a romantic scene with Sarika, had also requested directly, the reason is surprising

Mumbai. Sanjeev Kumar, the most talented artist of Bollywood, may not be among us but will always be alive in the hearts of people through his performances and films. By showing his performance in the films ‘Khilona’, ‘Khamoshi’, ‘Qatl’ and Sholay, he proved his mettle. Sanjeev Kumar was a very serious actor. He used to play both comedy and serious characters very well. But he used to shy away from doing romantic and intimate scenes. Here we are telling you an interesting story during the shooting of one of his superhit films ‘Katla’.

Sanjeev Kumar used to respect women a lot. Sanjeev’s opposite actress was Sarika in the film Katla. Sarika was young. There was a difference of 24 years between Sanjeev and Sarika. That’s why he refused to shoot an intimate scene with Sarika. Reportedly, Sanjeev told director RK Nayyar that Sarika was like a daughter to him and would not let him shoot intimate scenes with her.

The director made a strange demand, Moushumi Chatterjee had to lose her superhit film, did not work together for ten years

Not only this, Sanjeev Kumar was apprehensive about doing not only intimate or romantic scenes, but also about doing the entire film with Sarika. According to reports, Sanjeev had agreed to work with him after several requests. She had shown her acting very beautifully in this film.

Such was the story of the film ‘Katla’

‘Katla’ was released on January 24, 1986. In the film, Sanjeev plays the character of a man named Rakesh, who loses his eyes while saving his wife Rohini (Sarika). But later Rakesh learns that Rohini is having an affair with another person as well.

Sanjeev Kumar suffered a heart attack during the dubbing of ‘Katla’.

Rakesh plans to take revenge. ‘Katla’ focuses on how Rakesh, who is blind, executes this murder. ‘Katla’ was a box office success and Sanjeev was appreciated for his performance, but unfortunately, he could not enjoy the happiness. He died of a heart attack during the dubbing of this film.

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