Screen recording app was stealing people’s data, Google removed it from Play Store, if you have it on your phone, delete it immediately


Google removed iRecorder app
Has been downloaded more than 50 thousand times
The app was uploaded for the first time in 2021

New Delhi. Malware or Trojan infected apps are removed from the Google Play Store every day. Now that one such app has been removed. Which earlier for about 1 year, the Play Store was like a safe app. But, later started recording people. Not only this, it was also downloaded more than 50 thousand times.

Actually we are talking here about an app named iRecorder – Screen Recorder. According to a recent study by cyber security firm ESET, this app is now distributing malware to people. Google has deleted this app by the way. But, if it is present in your phone, then delete it immediately.

started doing wrong things after updating
The APK package name of this app is It has been downloaded from Google Play Store more than 50,000 times. This app was submitted to the Play Store in September 2021. Then there were no dangerous features in this app. However, after iRecorder – Screen Recorder version 1.3.8 was introduced in August 2022, the app started infecting Android phones with malware.

This app started stealing data only after the new version was introduced. Google removed it after knowing about the presence of AhMyth Trojan in this app. This app specifically extracts microphone recordings and steals files with specific extensions. Also, it records 1 minute of audio every 15 minutes and forwards the recording to the developer’s server through an encrypted link. Through this malware, the attacker can also control the phone sitting completely away. In such a situation, it can prove to be very dangerous.

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A cyber security researcher at ESET said that it is surprising that a developer has previously uploaded a safe app and updated it with dangerous code almost a year later.

The name of the developer of iRecorder is Coffeeholic Dev. In the past years, it has also released many more apps. Like- iBlock, iCleaner, iEmail, iLock, iVideoDownload, iVPN, File speaker and QR Saver. But none of these are available on the Google Play Store.

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