Snow Storm in US: About 40 people died in West New York, dead bodies can be found when snow melts, read full report of the storm


Roads reopened to traffic in snowstorm-ravaged Buffalo on Thursday.
The ban on driving has been lifted since midnight on Thursday.
At least 40 people have died in West New York, most of them in Buffalo.

washington, Roads were opened to traffic on Thursday in Buffalo devastated by the snow storm in the US. However, the authorities are constantly looking for people who are missing since last week’s snow storm. Byron Brown, the mayor of Buffalo, New York’s second most populous city, announced that the restrictions on driving were lifted after midnight on Thursday.

At least 40 people have died in West New York and most of them are from Buffalo. Brown said at a press conference late on Wednesday, “There has been significant progress in snow removal. Suburban roads, major highways and Buffalo Niagara International Airport have already been opened.” However, Brown urged residents to still avoid taking vehicles on the road without any urgent work.

The National Guard is going door-to-door to inquire about the needs of people in Buffalo, where the power supply to homes has been disrupted due to the storm. Seeing the possibility of meeting the victims when the snow melts with the opening of the weather, the officials are looking for them.

Officers from the Buffalo Police and other law enforcement agencies are also searching for the victims. Giving information about the storm on Thursday, Erie County Executive Mark Polonkarz said that some victims have not yet been identified. “There are families in the community who are still searching for their missing loved ones,” he said.

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