‘…Sorry’, Thai Airlines apologizes for fight between passengers on flight

Thai Airlines Fight Row: Now there is a new twist in the case of a fight between passengers in a flight of Thai Smile Airways. Thai Airways has apologized for the incident. A video of this incident went viral on social media. After this incident, the airline has reportedly apologized. The airline has made a tweet regarding this.

However, there is no concrete information whether the Twitter handle from which the tweet has been tweeted is the official Twitter handle of the airline or not. Since this is not a verified handle, its authenticity cannot be confirmed. This Twitter handle has written that Thai Smile Airways is sorry for this. We again confirm that the incident was taken into account. We have followed flight safety procedures as per international standards. Our crew members have already helped the affected people in this incident.

BCAS had also said about action

The Bureau of Civil Aviation Security talked about action on this matter. In a statement issued by BCAS, it was said that we will take action on this. Actually, the video of the fight between two passengers in the flight went viral on social media.

Seeing this video, social media users were seen demanding action. At the same time, the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security said that we have taken cognizance of the video. The report of this entire matter has been sought from the concerned authority. BCAS DG Zulfiqar Hasan said that action will be taken on the matter.

What is the matter?

Actually, the matter is of December 27 when there was a fierce fight between two passengers in a Thai Smile flight from Bangkok to Kolkata, India. The video of this incident became increasingly viral on social media. It was clearly seen in the video that an argument is going on between two passengers regarding something. The flight attendant tried to pacify them, but on seeing them both got into a scuffle.

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