Sunil Gavaskar came to MS Dhoni to take autograph, Mahi did not disappoint, historical moment recorded on camera

New Delhi. After the 61st match of IPL 2023, something happened on the field which hardly any fan of Mahendra Singh Dhoni would expect. Indian veteran Sunil Gavaskar reached Mahi in the ground and asked him to give autographs on his clothes. Dhoni did not ignore his senior’s request. Showing a big heart, India’s most successful captain autographed Gavaskar’s clothes. Anyone who witnessed these historic moments was astonished.

Actually, Chennai Super Kings were playing their last match in IPL 2023 on home ground against Kolkata Knight Riders. In such a situation, after the match was over, Mahendra Singh Dhoni was taking a round of the ground with the fans. Mahi was throwing CSK jerseys and other gifts to the fans who came to watch the match at the stadium. Meanwhile, Sunil Gavaskar also reached there. He handed over a pen to Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Gavaskar requested Mahi to give autographs on his clothes only.


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