Surprise to mother, horrific car accident: News18 from ground zero knows the full story of Rishabh Pant’s accident

Roorkee. Everyone is shocked by the accident of Rishabh Pant, the star cricketer of the Indian cricket team. News18 India team reached the Highway 58 in Roorkee’s Narsan area, where their car met with an accident. Cricketer Rishabh Pant was driving a Mercedes Benz car, which meets all the safety standards. Apart from airbags, other safety standards are also present in this luxury vehicle. Actually, cricketer Rishabh Pant left from Delhi towards Roorkee to meet his family around 12 o’clock on Thursday night.

According to the Roorkee police, Rishabh Pant wanted to surprise his mother as he had to join the National Cricket Academy in Bangalore for training a day later and wanted to spend December 31 with his mother. For this reason, 1 day ago he left for Roorkee from Delhi to meet his family members without informing them. When his car was running on the National Highway 58 around 5 am, when just 20 meters ahead of the Narsan police post, suddenly his car went out of control, broke the divider and dragged about 150 meters to the other side.

At the time of the incident, many vehicles were running on the highway, there was not much fog at the time of the accident because in the CCTV footage, Rishabh’s car was seen galloping and crossing the divider at full speed. It is believed that when Rishabh had dozed off, a pothole came in front of him and because of that the car jumped and narrowly avoided colliding with the roadways bus running ahead. But the bus driver had suspected that the vehicle running behind had met with an accident.

Rishabh Pant collided inside the car, but due to the opening of the airbags, he remained safe even after the car overturned and at the same time the wind screen of his car was broken, through which Rishabh Pant made a way to escape and courageously he broke the screen of the car. came out of Only then the car and a bus also stopped there. People ran towards the car, till then Rishabh Pant was sitting wrapped in a shawl, after which he presented his attendant as the Indian cricketer to the local people.

Rishabh Pant was standing on the spot for almost half an hour. Then the people standing there called 108 ambulance and after that Rishabh Pant was taken to the nearest private hospital. Rishabh’s car caught fire after a sudden accident because it is believed that after hitting the divider, the car had crossed the road sliding at full speed and it is believed that while sliding on the road, his car Sparking took place and the oil spilled on the road or the oil spilled from the tank may have started the fire because Mercedes Benz vehicles are less prone to fire after an accident.

But the question was still the same that why did Rishabh Pant’s car suddenly turn towards the right? Did any other vehicle come in front of his car or did he take the right side after seeing the mound of the canal in front… only then he lost his balance. The speed of Rishabh Pant’s car is also believed to be more than 100. For this reason, if a vehicle comes in front of them, they lose their balance in the rush to collide and overtake. At the place where the accident took place, the News18 team saw that an NHAI team had reached the spot at around 5 pm. Which was putting a yellow board at the same place. In their language, it is a thousand marker on which it is seen shining as soon as the light of the vehicle falls on it.

On NH 58, we saw an earthen mound on the side of the highway, the local people also told that this earthen mound is a major reason for the accident of cricketer Rishabh Pant’s car and when we reached the spot to know the reason, We noticed that a canal which is about 5 kilometers long and surrounds a 10 feet portion of a 40 feet wide road, on top of which a pile of mud is suddenly visible to the vehicles plying on the highway and at the same place there are potholes on the road. Because of this, there is such a bouncy road where if the vehicle is at full speed, it can jump up to 2 to 3 feet.

The local people also believed that when Rishabh Pant reached this place around 5:10 in the morning, he suddenly saw this corner of the canal in front of his car, to avoid which he turned to the right because he had a nap. All this happened suddenly after which such a big accident happened… However, the hospital claims that he has not suffered much injury, after which the cricket lovers and their families have heaved a sigh of relief.

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