Temple found during excavation in Iran, researchers found remains at historical site

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Archaeologists in Iran have found the remains of an ancient temple during excavations. With the meeting of these remains, very important information can be revealed about the civilization of Iran. It is believed that the temple belongs to the Sassanid Empire.

During excavations in Iran, archaeologists have found the remains of an ancient temple. Experts are quite surprised to find these remains. Finding the remains of the temple in Iran can reveal a lot of important information about the civilization and society here. Preliminary investigations have revealed that these remains may be from the Sassanid Empire.

Explain that archaeologists have found the remains of an ancient temple during excavation in North Eastern Iran. Archaeologists are very happy to have found the remains of the temple. The team is also quite surprised to find the remains of this temple. According to the initial information, this discovery is quite special. Finding the remains of the temple in a Muslim country like Iran can reveal new information about the history of this place. Archaeologists are calling it a new chapter in history.

According to the information, this excavation is being done at a site in Iran. Archaeologist Meisam Labbaf Khaniki, a member of the excavation team, told the media that the department was excavating as planned near a village in northeastern Iran. The team has got great success during this excavation. Remains of the temple of the Sassanid Empire have been found here. There is a possibility that this is a fire temple. Along with this, some painting related things have been found in the excavation. In this, pieces of plasterwork decorated with geometric plant have been found in the excavation. It is also being said that this site has proved to be very important religiously.

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After getting the temple in the excavation, it is expected that the fire temple would have been having a poststyle hall in its time. Many types of carvings must have been done in this temple. Let us inform that the study of the Sassanid Empire has started from the year 2014 itself, which is also being investigated.

Learn about the Sassanid Empire
In Iran, the Pahlavi work was carried out in the Sassanid Empire. Pahlavi is considered the language of this Sassanid empire. This language was generally used only by the people of this society.

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