‘The director abused me for my mother and sister, I started crying’- Neena Gupta told a strange story


Actress Neena Gupta is known for her outspokenness.
Recently Neena Gupta was seen in the film Vadh.

Mumbai. Neena Gupta, who talks openly on any issue, is not dependent on any identity in today’s time. Neena Gupta is counted among the talented actresses of the Bollywood industry. Neena rules among millions of fans on the basis of her acting. Neena Gupta is also known for her outspokenness in the industry. In this episode, Neena Gupta has talked about the struggle of her old days in an interview, which is now in headlines.

Told his old story in the interview
Neena Gupta in an interview given to Bollywood Bubble industry Talked on the work culture of During the interview, Neena Gupta was asked about the strangest anecdote of her career, then she told that a director had abused her, after which she started crying. Neena Gupta told, ‘I was doing a movie. My character in the film was very small. I had 2-3 dialogues in a scene. Those dialogues were removed during the shoot. After this I had no role left.

The director abused my mother and sister: Neena Gupta
Distressed by being cut, Neena Gupta approached the director. Talking further on this, Neena Gupta said during the interview, ‘I went to the director and said that I had two lines. That too was cut off. On hearing this, the director started abusing me for my mother and sister. Juhi Chawla and Vinod Khanna were also present on the set of that film. The way the director abused me in front of everyone, I started crying.

Now the work culture of the industry has changed: Neena Gupta
After sharing this anecdote during the interview, Neena Gupta started laughing and said that there is no such work culture anymore. He said, ‘I don’t think this would happen now. Even if it happens, I am at that stage where no one abuses me for my mother and sister. Talking about Neena Gupta’s work front, she was recently seen in the film Vadh.

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