The Kerala Story: Goa CM Requests Parents And Adolescents To Watch The Film

New Delhi: Goa CM Dr. Pramod Sawant on Friday urged parents and adolescent girls to watch ‘The Kerala Story’ in order to learn the way terrorism began in this world. He said, “This movie depicts the real story of terrorism. How ISIS is involved in conversion and terrorism, be it in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria, and other parts of the world, including some parts of India. It is a real story. Hence, parents and adolescents should watch ‘The Kerala Story’ movie”, as reported by IANS.

Sawant was accompanied by MLA Jit Arolkar and State BJP General Secretary Damu Naik as he watched the movie. According to the CM, the audience will get a view of how youngsters are trapped in the chain of terrorism.

He told IANS, “Terrorism network is on a rise and there has to be cautious efforts to curb it. We need to know how people are succumbing to it by brainwash and hypnotism. They are being trapped and cheated.”

“We should know the reality and should be alert about the spread of terrorism. We should take precautions that such incidents don`t take place and this slow poisoning stops”, he further added.

According to PTI reports, Sawant told that a ban on the film would be a violation of the freedom of speech and that the film deals with the issue of terrorism and should not be seen from the angle of communalism.

When asked whether his government will make this movie tax-free, Sawant told IANS, “It is not that if made tax free people will watch it. They should watch it to know the importance. Maximum people should watch it along with their adolescent children.” .”

Speaking about ‘The Kerala Story’, the film depicts how women from Kerala were forced to convert and recruited by the terror group Islamic State. Starring Adah Sharma, the film has been directed by Sudipto Sen and despite the bans and protests, it is taking over the Box Office globally.

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