The person had to kill the dog, it ran and bitten the whole body, the video went viral

You must have seen many such videos on social media, in which some people are seen unnecessarily troubling or troubling animals. Since animals are speechless, they cannot say anything. However, some animals are also of such an angry nature that if they are unnecessarily teased, they immediately remove all the cramps of the person. By the way, on the coming days on social media, the videos of the atrocities of humans on animals go viral. However, these days such a video has rocked the social media, in which a dog is seen taking revenge for the injustice done to him.

In fact, in the video going viral, a man was holding a dog. While the other person was hitting him with the stem of a plant. When the man hit the dog with a stick, then his anger reached the seventh heaven. Then did the dog attack the person with full enthusiasm and bite the spot. The other person tried to free his friend from the grip of the dog, but to no avail. Because the dog was so angry that whoever came in front of him, it would have rained on him.

Friend could not rescue the man from the clutches of the dog

It can be seen in the video how the man is struggling to save his life from the dog. His friend also makes a lot of efforts to rescue him, but still cannot save him from the clutches of the dog. This video has been posted on Twitter by @cctvidiots. Close to 60 lakh views have come on the video and if we talk about the comments, everyone is praising only the dog in the comments. Whereas for the person people are saying that “he deserved”.

By watching this video, you must have also understood that what is the punishment for unnecessarily messing with animals. When they come to their senses, they tear their enemies to pieces.

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