These three leaves will change your luck, once you do farming then you will earn bumper

There are many types of farming in India. Here farmers choose their crops according to different seasons and regions. Some people cultivate flowers other than traditional farming, while some people cultivate vegetables. On the other hand, some people plant fruit trees and earn profit from it. Now even from the cultivation of herbs, great profits are being earned. But the farming we are talking about today are leaves. Yes leaves, which are often considered to be of no use. But these three cards can brighten your luck. There is so much demand for them throughout the year that if you cultivate them, you will become rich.

betel leaf business

You must have heard about the betel leaf of Banaras, but this betel leaf of Banaras reaches only from a farm near Panwadi. The demand for paan is now coming out of North India all over the world. Its medicinal benefits have attracted people towards it. Gutka eaters are also making paan a substitute for it. Many types of betel leaves are made in the world including India, in the same way there are many types of betel leaves. If you also want to earn money from betel leaf, then learn the virtues of its cultivation today itself and start growing it in your fields.

Sakhu leaves business

Today’s new generation might not even know about Sakhu leaves. There was a time when its leaves were used as plates in weddings. It is very popular in North India and hilly areas. Ever since people have become wiser leaving the disposal and returning to nature, that’s why the demand for Sakhu leaves has increased in the last few years. The best thing is that on one hand you will earn profit from Sakhu leaves, on the other hand you can earn lakhs of rupees by selling its wood. Let us tell you that the demand for Sakhu wood always remains in India as well as abroad.

banana leaf business

Banana leaves are used for eating food. Its demand is very high in South India. But now the demand for banana leaves has increased in other parts of the country as well. In fact, South Indian restaurants are opening rapidly in every part of India and most of the South Indian restaurants now want to serve authentic food to their customers, for which they are using banana leaves to serve that food.

This is the reason why the demand for banana leaves has increased in South India as well as in North India and other parts of the country. The best thing about banana farming is that now every part of it is sold. Banana, banana leaf and now some people are also buying its stem. Actually, a fiber comes out of banana stem which is very strong, that is why some people are buying banana stem as well.

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