This is how Sita of Ramayana met Ram of real life, heart was defeated on seeing it, interesting story of first meeting

Mumbai. TV actress Deepika Chikhaliya has played many characters in her career. But Sita’s character in Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayana changed her life. It was during the shooting of this serial that Deepika met Ram in real life. It was from here that Deepika met her husband Hemant Topiwala. Deepika Chikhaliya has once again become active in the acting world.

Apart from Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayana serial, Deepika has appeared in many films and serials. Deepika has millions of followers on social media. Deepika is also working on a project soon with her onscreen Ram i.e. Arun Govil. Deepika Chikhaliya is a wonderful actress as well as a good mother and wife. Deepika married Hemant Topiwala in 1991. Deepika now also has 2 daughters and the whole family lives happily.
It was love at first sight
The love story of Deepika and her real-life Ram i.e. Hemant Topiwala also started from the sets of the film. Actually Hemant Topiwala’s family has been doing business of Indian Tradition Cosmetics. Deepika Chikhaliya was shooting for a film, where she wore Hemant’s company’s cosmetics. Hemant was also on the set with Deepika. It was here that both of them met and became friends. The friendship soon turned into love and after some time both of them decided to get married. In 1991, Dipika Chikhaliya married Hemant Topiwala.

Husband had a cosmetic business, so they met
About meeting her husband, Deepika Chikhaliya told on her social media, ‘My husband’s family was doing business of Indian traditional cosmetics Shingar since 1961. I was shooting for my first film Sun Meri Laila. There was a scene in the film in which I do modeling for another brand. This brand belonged to Himmat Topiwala. Himmat had come to see the shooting on the set. From here we became friends and later we became one.

Had a memorable tour in Switzerland
Deepika had also shared pictures of her honeymoon with the fans. Dipika Chikhaliya is in Switzerland with her husband Hemant and snow is visible behind. While sharing this picture with the fans, Deepika wrote, ‘This photo is from our honeymoon.

We celebrated our holidays in Switzerland after marriage. He asked me where do you want to go for a walk? I did not take a second to answer this and took the name of Switzerland. This place is very special for me. The snow here has always attracted me. Along with this, I also used to think of this as a country of dreams. We celebrated the holidays by coming here. Deepika and Hemant also have two daughters Nidhi and Juhi. Deepika stayed away from acting for a long time. Now again Deepika has returned to the screen. Soon Deepika is going to be seen with her onscreen Ram i.e. Arun Govil.

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