This is the real Badlapur of Punjab, now the battle of supremacy between Lawrence Bishnoi and Bambiha gang

Gangsters Of Punjab: The history of murders in Punjab is very old, but when Punjabi singer and Congress leader Sidhu Musewala was gunned down in public, the whole world noticed it. Gangsters like Lawrence Bishnoi, who grew up seeing and being attracted to the gun culture since childhood, have become another name for terror in the whole of Punjab today. These gangsters have started such a vendetta that the bloodshed of many more people is believed to be certain. After the murder of Musewala, now the opponents of Bishnoi gang are roaming around to take revenge and are also preparing shooters. Today we will tell you the full story of Lawrence Bishnoi gang and Bambiha gang, as well as how the war of supremacy has started between these two dreaded gangs.

Actually this game starts when someone close to a gang is murdered. After that the other gang is ready to go to any extent to take revenge. All this happened even before the murder of Sidhu Musewala. That is, Musewala’s murder was also done as a revenge, which was executed by Lawrence Bishnoi sitting in jail and his gang-running cousins ​​Sachin Bishnoi and Goldie Brar. For a long time, these people were conspiring to kill Musewala and as soon as they saw the opportunity, they carried out this big massacre.

Why was Sidhu Musewala murdered?
Very few people know that why Sidhu Musewala was murdered by Lawrence Bishnoi. The answer was given by this dreaded gangster on the camera of ABP News. In an exclusive interview, Bishnoi alleged that Musewala had a hand in the murders of his close friends Vicky Middukheda, Gurlal Brar and Sandeep. He said that Musewala gave power to those who were involved in the murder of these three. Apart from this, Bishnoi said that Musewala was continuously increasing his power in Punjab, which he was using against his gang.

Please tell that Vicky Middukheda was considered by Lawrence Bishnoi as his elder brother. He says that it was he who brought him into student politics. Even in jail, when Bishnoi had problems, Vicky used to help him in every way. Apart from him, Gurlal Brar and Sandeep were also very close to him. All these murders were done by Bishnoi’s rival gangs. It was only after these killings that the real Badlapur started in Punjab, the result of which came to the fore in the form of Moosewala’s murder.

Now the battle for supremacy begins
After the murder of Musewala, now the battle of supremacy has started between Lawrence Bishnoi and Bambiha gang. By avenging the murders of their close ones, the Bishnoi gang has proved that they can go to any extent and attack their opponents every time. At the same time, the Bambiha gang is preparing for such a scandal, due to which its lost supremacy will return again. For this, preparations have started since the murder of Musewala.

Babbu Maan and Mankirat Aulakh’s murder plan
As we had already told you that the result of this war going on between two dangerous gangs can be bloody… To avenge Moosewala, efforts are now being made to target those Punjabi singers who are part of the Bishnoi gang. are considered close. The Punjab Police has arrested four such shooters who were planning to kill Punjabi singers Babbu Maan and Mankirat Aulakh. He was instructed to blow both the singers with AK-47. All these four are shooters of Bambiha gang. The Bambiha gang has already declared openly that they will take revenge for Musewala’s murder.

Neeraj Bawana is also in preparation
Apart from Bambiha gang, there is another big gangster, who can do something big to maintain his supremacy in Punjab. The name of this dreaded gangster is Neeraj Bawana. Neeraj Bawana gang had also announced to avenge the murder of Moosewala. Please tell that like Lawrence Bishnoi, Neeraj Bawana is also in jail for many years. Many vicious shooters are also included in his gang, this gangster also commits murders and many other types of crimes from inside the jail.

Will this Badlapur continue?
That is, overall, after the murder of Musewala, the terror of the Lawrence Bishnoi gang has spread across the country, to reduce it, its rival gangs are preparing to do something big. The name and fame that Lawrence Bishnoi and Goldie Brar are getting has been troubling gangsters like Bambiha Gang and Neeraj Bawana for a long time. Whichever gang will take revenge first, its tuti will start speaking again in Punjab. On the other hand, if something like this happens, even the strongest Bishnoi gang will not sit silent at the moment. That is, the craze for blood revenge can even lead to gang war in Punjab. No one knows what bloody game these gangsters will play.

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