This report from Pakistan occupied Kashmir is very worrying, is there any conspiracy behind it?

Pakistan Occupied Kashmir News: In Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (POK), the common people are struggling with basic facilities. There the youth are neither getting employment nor the children are getting good education. The number of school dropouts is increasing, especially girls are unable to complete their studies. Opportunities for higher education have declined. This has been revealed in the report of Asian Light International newspaper.

According to the report, the neglect towards education in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir has reduced the opportunities for higher studies. The Prime Minister of PoK, Sardar Tanveer Ilyas Khan, had recently expressed concern over the high dropout rate here. Sardar Khan has said that the reason for this is not the lack of interest in reading among the youth, but there are some other reasons behind it.

Unemployment is pushing towards extremism
In the report of Asian Light International, concern has also been raised that unemployed youths are being pushed into militancy in PoK. There seems to be some conspiracy behind not giving higher education to young boys and girls. The newspaper wrote, it is unfair to put all the blame on the universities as they are being used as political tools. As a result, they cannot perform their functions as effectively as they should.

A writer from PoK from the newspaper said, “In the society, getting a government job and income is the only goal of education. Those who have the ability to contribute to the world are respected in the society today, while their own So regardless of country or community, the quality of research in universities is also not good.”

‘Everyone wants to get a job’
The author also said, “PhD, MPhil and MA degree holders keep coming to matriculation ministers to get government jobs. There is a big difference between a job seeker and a job giver. Everyone here wants to get a job, but is not in a position to give a job himself.”

He further said that despite the promotion of science and technology in universities across the world, the people of PoK are still studying only on personalities. It should come as no surprise that universities have turned into degree-granting factories. Asian Light International’s report said, “Innovation-rich countries are not only providing facilities to the world, but apart from dominating the world economy, they are also earning a lot.”

‘Governments are not giving funds to colleges and universities’
The author said, “Innovation is not that much in Pakistan. The standard of study in most Pakistani universities is low and important study subjects are ignored.” He also said, “Our governments are not giving these colleges the necessary funds for high standards and research. The educational system is weak and there is nothing to encourage students to ask questions and inquire.”

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