‘Trouble, confusion of life…’ First wife Rajoshi’s pain spilled over Ashish Vidyarti’s second marriage, broke silence

Mumbai. At the age of 60, Ashish Vidyarthi is currently a topic of discussion in the world of social media. The news of Ashish’s marriage came to the fore on Thursday. Ashish is married to Rupali Baruah, a resident of Kolkata, who is associated with the fashion industry. After marriage, a photo of both of them appeared as bride and groom, which is now going viral on the internet. Ever since Ashish’s marriage, his first wife Rajoshi has also come into limelight. Now for the first time a post of Rajoshi has come out after marriage, in which she is expressing her heart.

Ashish was earlier married to Rajoshi Vidyarthi and they have a 23 year old son. Rajoshi is also an artist and has appeared in many TV shows and films. Along with this, he is also a great singer. As soon as the news of Ashish’s second marriage came to the fore, since then people started asking questions about Rajoshi. Rajoshi wrote a few things of mind on Instastory on Thursday. Along with this, he shared a new photo of himself and gave a meaningful caption along with it.

peace in life
First of all, let us tell you what Rajoshi wrote on his instastory. Rajoshi shared two posts. In the first, he wrote, ‘The right person will never question what you mean to them. They will not do anything that they know will hurt you. Remember.’ After this, he wrote in another post, ‘Overthinking and doubt have gone out of your mind now. Perhaps clarity would have come in place of confusion. Peace be in your life. You’ve been strong for a long time and now it’s time to wish you well. You deserve this.


Ashish Vidyarti has worked in more than 300 films, also played in Hollywood, got married in 60 years

Apart from these posts, Rajoshi also shared one of his latest photos. She is seen smiling in this selfie. With this he wrote, ‘Don’t be troubled by the troubles of life.’

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