Troubled by the economic crisis in Pakistan, the person said – We are bombs, can explode anytime anywhere

Pakistan Economic Crisis: Pakistan is currently facing many problems including political and economic crisis. Pakistan is getting buried under the burden of increasing debt. There is a huge shortage of foreign exchange reserves in the country. The government of Shehbaz Sharif (Shehbaz Sharif Govt) is not able to import even the essential things for the people. The back of the common man has been completely broken due to inflation. The hopes of the people troubled by the financial crisis are slowly fading away. The people of their own country have started considering Pakistan like a bomb.

Rising inflation and unemployment have pushed thousands of families in cash-strapped Pakistan to the brink of poverty and hunger.

‘We are bombs that can explode anytime’

Amidst the economic plight in Pakistan, people have become completely disappointed. Due to the skyrocketing inflation and unemployment, the problem of getting bread for June 2 has arisen in front of them. A Pakistani journalist asked a person that the government says that their country has an atom bomb, but people are committing suicide for flour. On this the person said that the condition of his country has become very bad. We ourselves have become a bomb and can explode anytime anywhere.

skyrocketing inflation

From petroleum products to flour, milk, ghee, egg, chicken prices are skyrocketing in Pakistan. People are not able to buy even the daily use items. The cost of the kitchen has almost doubled. The increase in fuel prices is affecting other things as well. Due to the increase in the prices of electricity and gas every month, the struggle in front of the people is increasing.

Pakistan under the burden of debt

Pakistan’s foreign debt and liability is about US $ 130 billion, which is 95.39 percent of the country’s GDP. There has been a significant decrease in foreign exchange reserves and it is 3.2 billion dollars. Shahbaz Sharif’s government is begging for a loan from the IMF. At the same time, most countries have now refused to give loans and are turning away. In such a situation, it seems difficult to find a solution to the economic crisis of Pakistan.

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