Tunisha Sharma Case | Tunisha Sharma’s mother made big allegations against Sheezan Khan, said- used to pressurize her daughter to wear burqa. Navabharat (New India)

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Mumbai : Television actress Tunisha Sharma has shocked everyone by committing suicide. His fans are wondering why he took such a step. Actress Tunisha Sharma committed suicide by hanging herself on the sets of her show ‘Ali Baba’ on 24 December 2022. Everyone is shocked by his doing this. At the same time, his mother Vanita Sharma is beset with grief for losing her daughter.

Vanita Sharma has accused Tunisha Sharma’s co-star Sheejan Khan of abetting her daughter’s suicide. He has accused Sheejan Khan of inciting his daughter to be hanged. Along with this, he has also demanded severe punishment for Sheejan Khan. In this case, Waliv police had arrested Sheejan Khan late in the night of the incident. On the other hand, in the press conference held on Friday, Vanita Sharma has made many other big allegations against Shijan Khan and demanded strict punishment for Shijan Khan.

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Tunisha Sharma’s mother Vanita Sharma told Prem Conference that Tunisha had told her that she was thinking of going to Chandigarh to celebrate her Christmas. It could also be a murder because no vehicle was present there to take Tunisha. He further said that Sheejan’s sister used to take Tunisha to the dargah as well. Sheejan used to pressurize Tunisha to wear a burqa. He had promised to marry her. Because of which there was a lot of change in Tunisha’s behavior.

Not only this, Tunisha had started living like a Muslim and she had also distanced herself from her mother. Tunisha had started considering Sheejan’s family as her own and used to call Sheejan’s mother Amma. Vanita Sharma further said that Tunisha had once checked Sheejan’s mobile. In which he saw that Sheejan used to talk to other girls as well. Because of which there were quarrels between the two. After which they broke up, Tunisha’s mother also told that Sheejan had also slapped Tunisha on the day of breakup.

Tunisha had told her mother that Sheejan was cheating on her. Due to which Tunisha started getting upset and she committed suicide in Sheejan Khan’s makeup room. Tunisha Sharma was dating her show’s co-star Sheezan Khan since 6 months. Tunisha also had lunch with Sheejan before committing suicide.

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