Tunisha Sharma Suicide: Sheejan cried several times during police interrogation, statement also changed

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After TV actress Tunisha Sharma’s suicide, her ex-boyfriend and co-actor Sheezan Khan started crying while talking about their breakup. During interrogation, when Sheejan was asked about the breakup, she could not control her tears.

Late actress Tunisha Sharma’s ex-boyfriend Sheejan Khan is in police custody these days where he is being interrogated continuously. Meanwhile, the police have informed that once during the interrogation, Sheejan has completely broken down. While talking about Tunisha, Sheejan could not contain himself and started crying loudly. According to the police, Sheejan Khan is telling many different things during interrogation. According to the information, Sheejan was silent in the beginning but recently he is finding it difficult to control his emotions. Many times during interrogation, he is not even able to answer the questions.

Police say that Shijan was speaking very little in the beginning. But he has made it clear in the inquiry that the separation of both is mainly due to different religion. Sheejan said that the families of both of them would not agree further for this, so they had already decided to separate. At the same time, after the Shraddha Walker murder case, the matter of both of them having different religions started bothering them more. In such a situation, it was decided to go away from both.

According to the information, during the interrogation on December 28, Sheejan broke down a lot. When asked why he broke up with Tunisha, Sheejan reiterated the point of religion. However, Tunisha could not tolerate this pain and committed suicide within 15 days of the breakup. The police arrested Sheejan following a complaint by Tunisha’s mother.

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Sheejan said that the age gap between the two is huge. In such a situation, the family will not accept the age gap. For this reason they decided to separate. Shijan could not control himself only after giving this statement to the police. He could not control his emotions and started crying.

The mystery is getting deeper regarding Tunisha Sharma’s untimely death. Tunisha’s ex-boyfriend Shizan Khan has already been arrested. The entire matter of the death of the actress is now pending in the court.

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