Tunisia Suicide Case | New claim in Tunisha Sharma suicide case, actress’s uncle said- ‘100% love jihad’. Navabharat (New India)

Mumbai: Television actress Tunisha Sharma Suicide committed suicide by hanging herself on 24 December. Many people went into shock on hearing the news of the death of the actress. It was a huge blow for Tunisha Sharma’s family and friends. The departure of the 20-year-old actress in this way was shocking for everyone. At the same time, Tunisha’s family is continuously demanding justice for their daughter.

Everyday something new is coming to the fore in Tunisha Sharma Suicide case. Now Tunisha’s uncle Pawan Sharma has given a big statement. The uncle of the actress says that the police should thoroughly investigate the love jihad angle in this matter. Tunisha’s uncle has claimed that the actress died due to love jihad. In the Tunisha suicide case, the police have arrested her co-star and ex-boyfriend Sheezan Mohammad Khan.

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Talking to the media, Tunisha’s uncle said- ‘I believe that this is a case of 100 percent love jihad. I want the police to investigate it in a special way. We do not know whether it is suicide or something else. We do not have any video recording.

At the same time, Tunisha’s uncle has also raised questions about the police. He has said that- ‘The police administration is already declaring this case a suicide. The police should first investigate the matter completely, only then they should say something. He also said that till now the police has not taken the statement of any of our family members.

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