Uorfi Javed Calls Out Ashneer Grover Over FIR Against Him, Makes Fun Of His Book

New Delhi: After an FIR was filed against the entrepreneur Ashneer Grover and his wife Madhuri Grover for an alleged Rs 81 crore scam in December 2022 as claimed by BharatPe, Uorfi Javed mocked the former Shark Tank India judge. Ashneer Grover once described Uorfi as a celeb who is famous for no reason at all, and Uorfi shared the clip on her Instagram Stories.

“Kaun bandi hai woh Uorfi Javed, kya naam hai uska? Celebrity toh woh bhi hai. Kabhi woh jeans neeche phene ki jagah upar phen ke aa jayegi. Toh uska koi matlab nahi hai (Who is that Uorfi Javed who is also termed as a celebrity? Sometimes she wears jeans as a top. So that has no meaning),” Ashneer said.

Uorfi shared the short clip and captioned it, “Next story me aapka core dikhate hai duniya ko (I will show your core in the next Instagram story).”

After that, Uorfi posted a news article about the incident that stated Ashneer and his wife had been sued by BharatPe for fraud.

“Or inka ‘core’ hai ‘crore’ ka fraud karna, tabhi toh yeh celebrity hai (So his core is to make a fraud of crores. That’s why he is called a celebrity),” she wrote.

The incident didn’t end there, however, as Uorfi was later seen by paparazzi in her car handing them a book written by Ashneer Grover.

In the video that was uploaded on Instagram, she said, “Galti se mujhe ye book raste me bookwale ne de di lelo mujhe nahi chahiye… ye doglapan apne paas rakho.” (By mistake, the bookseller on the streets gave this book, keep this with you. I don’t want this hypocrite.)

In March 2022, Ashneer Grover was sacked from the fintech company due to allegations of financial irregularities. In December 2022, BharatPe accused Grover and his family of fraud and launched a lawsuit against them, seeking damages as well as a criminal charge.


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