US Drone Crash: After the crash, Russia now wants to recover the debris of the American drone, then the tension increased!


Moscow’s ambassador had said that his country sees the incident as a provocation
Russia has not yet recovered any parts of the drone
America said – Russia is less likely to be able to recover anything useful

US Drone Crash: There was an incident of collision of Russian Sukhoi-27 fighter jet with American MQ-9 drone over the Black Sea. After this incident, the US Army along with Russia drone Footage of the incident was also released. The US Army had said that the US Air Force’s unmanned drone had crashed after the collision. However, a different claim was presented by the Russian Defense Ministry on this incident.

Pentagon spokesman Brigadier General Patrick Ryder said that we have indications that Russia MQ-9 Trying to recover the wreckage. America Has also said that we are assessing this and it is very unlikely that Russia will be able to recover anything useful.

US drone and Russian fighter jet clash in Black Sea, Pentagon releases video, tension escalates

On the condition of anonymity, the US official told that Russian ships were seen near the area where the drone crashed. Although they (Russia) have not yet recovered any part of the drone. It is not clear whether they were still in the area.

Meanwhile, Moscow’s ambassador to Washington had earlier said that his country views the incident as a provocation involving a US MQ-9 drone and Russian Su-27 fighter jet.

Let us tell that in the past, two Russian Sukhoi-27 jets were described by the US Army as ‘reckless interception of an American spy drone’ while flying in international airspace. It said Russian fighter jets dumped fuel on the MQ-9, possibly trying to damage it. The US military had said that after about 30 to 40 minutes, at 7.03 am (0603 GMT), the drone collided with the jet, causing it to crash.

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