Used to do 49 films in 2 weeks, rejected films like Saine, Taal and Devdas, today Raja Babu is craving for 1 film

New Delhi: There is a time in the career of every artist in Hindi cinema when he gets a lot of work and fame. In the 90s, Bollywood comedian actor Govinda also won a lot of accolades. In that period, his films used to rock. Although now it seems that the era of the actor is coming to an end. For a long time, he is not even seen in any solo film, while Govinda had rejected films of filmmakers like Bhansali in his time. This was disclosed by Govinda himself.

Govinda has worked in many best films during his time. His films used to make people his admirers. His number 1 series films used to do wonders. These include many great films like Hero Number One, Coolie Number One. The pairing of Govinda and Karisma Kapoor was a huge hit during that period. Both have worked together in many blockbuster films. But after a time many of his films flopped and at the same time he turned to politics and once became an MP from Mumbai Andheri, but his career could not be successful there for a long time.

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Why rejected films like Taal and Devdas
Govinda had made many important revelations in an interview given to Aaj Tak in the year 2018. He had told that once upon a time he used to sign 49 films in just 2 weeks. He did not have time to complete the shooting of his films. Makers always wanted to see Govinda in each of their films. Today, even though Govinda is scrambling to revive his film career, he had once left films like Taal and Devdas. Govinda had told that these films were not only for him, he was offered the role of Chunnilal in Devdas. He asked the casting director if he could get someone drunk and kill him like Chunnilal. If he doesn’t, then I am not right for this role. While Anil Kapoor’s role in Taal was offered to Govinda. Which he rejected.

This was Govinda’s dance secret
In his interview, Govinda also told about his dance secret, he said, the dance which says a lot without saying anything is Govinda’s dance. Actually, my respected maternal uncle Lachhuji Maharaj had told me that Govind, when you dance, it should not look like you are dancing for the sake of dancing. He told me the lyrics of the tabla while explaining to me how to talk without speaking. It was also explained that when a person dances not for show off but for himself, then it is a dance.

Big trouble in front of Govinda
Film experts believe that soon after seeing Govinda, the tag of being a flop was started. After ‘Partner’, Govinda has worked in a dozen films but none of his films became a hit. Even his film ‘Kill Dil’ with Ranveer Singh could not be successful. After the film flopped with Aditya Chopra, the distributors have distanced themselves from Govinda.

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