VIDEO: Niagara Falls frozen due to snow storm in America, the view here is giving goosebumps

New York. Due to the snow storm in America, many areas have been covered in a white sheet of snow and the world’s most famous waterfall Niagara Falls has also partially frozen. Here, solid ice has frozen on the Niagara River and it has become possible to reach New York by walking on this ice. However, the fast flow of the Niagara River will not allow it to freeze completely. Tourists coming from all over the world especially come to see Niagara Falls. Here, according to the Niagara Falls USA website, it is impossible for the Niagara River and Falls to freeze completely, but due to the storm, this entire area has turned into a winter wonderland.

Niagara Falls is located on the border of New York and Ontario, Canada and is about 40 km from the city of Buffalo. This area is struggling with the effect of the snow storm. It is bone-chilling cold here, but the arrival of tourists has not stopped here. Pictures and videos of this area are being seen all over the world on social media. A white sheet of snow is lying all around here. Tourists say that the cold has increased rapidly due to the storm and a changed view is being seen in the falls.

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