Video of fungus in Amul Lassi went viral, company gave this clarification

Amul on Twitter: Milk and milk products giant Amul (Amul) is once again in controversy. For some time now, a video is becoming increasingly viral on social media (Amul Viral Video), in which it is being claimed that Amul Lassi has expired and fungus is present in it. Now reacting to this viral video, Amul has written a long post on the social media (Amul Reacts Lassi Viral Video) platform Twitter.

What was being claimed in the viral video

For the last few days, a video was going viral on social media in which this person is claiming that he had bought two Amul lassi, one of which was found to be infected with fungus. Along with this, the lassi had also expired. Shortly after this video was posted, this video has gone viral. After this, many questions started arising regarding the quality of Amul Lassi. Now the company has given its clarification on this matter.

Amul gave clarification

Only after the video went viral, Amul has shared a long and wide post, reacting immediately on this matter. In this post, the company wrote that this video is completely wrong and misleading. This video has been made to spread misinformation and fear among people. Amul wrote that the person who made this video did not even try to contact the company and also did not give any information about its location.

Along with this, Amul further said that we give full assurance of quality to all our customers. All the products of the company are made with Leak Proof technology. In this case, there is no question of getting fungus in the lassi. Along with this it was also said that in this video it is clearly visible that there is a hole in Amul Lassi. In such a situation, the fungus in the lassi would have got attached to this hole only. The company urged the customers not to pay attention to this video and register their complaint by calling the toll free number 1800 258 3333 for any kind of complaint.

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