VIDEO: Why did Biden leave the press conference midway? Why split on the question related to Silicon Valley Bank? somewhere …


US President Joe Biden is famous for leaving the press conference midway.
He did it again on Monday when asked a question about the failure of Silicon Valley Bank.
When a video of this went viral, social media users criticized Biden fiercely.

Washington. US President Joe Biden has been famous for leaving the press conference in the middle in the past as well. On Monday too, he was seen walking out of a press briefing after a question was asked about the Silicon Valley bank collapse. A video of this went viral. After this, social media users have fiercely criticized Biden. As President Biden finished his remarks on maintaining a resilient banking system and defending America’s historic economic reforms, a reporter asked him a question.

The reporter told Biden, ‘President, what do you know about why this happened? And can you assure the Americans that it will not affect other banks in the country going forward? After giving any answer to that reporter’s question, President Biden started leaving from there. Another journalist asked, ‘Mr President, will other banks also fail?’ But Biden went out of the room without paying any attention to these questions. The video of Biden’s walkout from the press conference on the White House’s YouTube channel has gone viral.

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