Deacon allowed Clemson, later stopped waking up

25 September 2022

After Hartman kills the Tigers inside this RPO game, Goodwin is forced to change a few things.

Winston-Salem, NC - It was never ugly. It was never beautiful. It was just awful.

5 Clemson's defensive effort in last Saturday's 51-45 double-overtime win

Damon Deacon committed 447 yards while playing the game

Of these 447s, 337 came from quarterback Sam Hartman, who threw six touchdown passes and completed about 20 of the 29 passes.

Clemson's defensive back was also called for a nearly four pass interference penalty in the game.

Clemson's defensive coordinator said the true character of this football team was on display here today.

The Tigers (4-0, 2-0 ACC) finally won the game.

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