Here's What Happened in 'The Try Guys'

YouTube's 'The Trai Guys' fired Ned Fulmer on charges of fraud

'The Try Guys' is a group of YouTube content creators

This group which started in Buzzfeed and after that they made their own production company with their own hard work

The company made an announcement on Tuesday that they would be parting ways with executive producer and founding member Ned Fulmer.

Which confirmed the speculation among all his fans that he has cheated on his wife

Three members of this company group issued a statement on Tuesday and announced

Now Ned Fulmer can no longer work together in 'The Try Guys' "as a result of a thorough internal review".

He also said that now he cannot see the way forward together with him.

Ned Fulmer says he was still engaged in a "consensual workplace relationship".

And he also told that I had apologized to my fans and also to my wife Ariel Fulmer.

He was featured in 'The Try Guys' material several times.

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