Hurricane Ian threatens 1 million more homes in the Gulf of Florida

The ongoing Light Hurricane Ian is likely to pose the highest threat to Florida.

The slow-moving Hurricane Ian threatens at least 1 million homes along the Florida Gulf Coast

The storm's height of up to 10 feet and a reconstruction cost of approximately $258.3 billion puts it at risk

These data suggest that Hurricane Ian makes landfall as a Category 4 hurricane

Inside Florida, more than 15 million people are facing the prospect of hurricane winds

This storm area includes residents of the Tallahassee, Orlando, Tampa metro area, and Jacksonville.

CNN reported that the Tampa area, in the western part of Florida, could be its first hit since 1921.

And this hit can be disastrous for all the people of that area.

Many people have been affected in the storms of 5 to 10 years that followed in Florida.

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