Hurricane Ian Tracker Today Live Update: Hurricane made way from Florida side, follow the rule

Hurricane Ian is predicted to hit the western tip of Cuba as a heavy storm.

and it made strong Category 4 with winds of 140 mph over the warm Gulf of Mexico before hitting the west coast of Florida

As of Monday, Tampa and St. Petersburg are reported to be among the most likely targets for direct hit by the heaviest storm since 1921

Even this storm is not likely to stop on Ian Cuba

But it is being estimated that it is likely to stop till the Gulf of Mexico

Because the broad is becoming very powerful and strong

The Hurricane Center reported that it will have the potential to generate wind and heavy storm impacts moving along the west coast of Florida

The storm was predicted to cause up to 10 feet of sea water and 10 inches of rain to rise in the Tampa Bay area

And it has increased up to 15 inches at different places

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