NFL Season 2022 Week 3: What we learned from the Cowboys' Giants win last Monday

An old-fashioned NFC East Slugfest game kicks off Friday night between the New York Giants and Dallas Cowboys

Running down Saxon Barkley during the game play, the Giants bring forth the talent they've had in their rookie season from behind

But while playing Cowboys Ezekiel Elliott converted his share into a game-by-game run

In fact, it was a sensational one-handed touchdown catch by Cowboys receiver CD Lamb

That last Monday night was able to mark a turning point in Dallas' victory over New York

Realizing defeat, the Giants had to accept defeat for the first time under rookie head coach Brian Dabol

But the Cowboys improved to 2-0 with the Cooper Rush in play

and later made a good start at quarterback in the relief of an injured Dak Prescott.

Sometime around the NFL will soon be over Nick Shook.

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