What is the danger to Congress by making DK Shivakumar the CM? Congress’s Hanuman is lagging behind

Karnataka CM Face: In Karnataka, the Congress has won with a thumping majority, for which only two heroes are being told. One is former CM and senior Congress leader Siddaramaiah and the other is DK Shivakumar, who plays the role of Hanuman for the party. Posters of both the leaders have been seen in Karnataka since the meeting, with supporters projecting their leader as the CM. have started doing. However, now the final decision has to be taken by Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge. At present, the most discussed is about DK Shivakumar, who has been waiting for a long time to sit on the CM’s chair. However, making DK the CM can also prove to be dangerous for the party, that’s why even after being powerful, he is seen standing a step behind Siddaramaiah. Let’s understand how…

Once upon a time, DK Shivakumar, who became the biggest headache for the Deve Gowda family, was the biggest contender for the post of CM this time, he worked every time to get the party out of trouble and honestly completed the work given to him. Despite all this, there are some such things, which are coming between DK Shivkumar and the Chief Minister’s chair. It is possible that due to these reasons, DK Shivkumar should not be given the post of CM.

ED and CBI cases
When DK Shivakumar contested his first election, he had to mortgage his land for it. But after this, DK’s wealth started increasing every year. Today DK Shivakumar is among the richest leaders of Karnataka. DK has assets worth more than 1400 crores. This was the reason that he came on the radar of central agencies. The CBI first registered a corruption case against him. After which ED also registered a case in the matter of money laundering.

Many cases registered against DK
ED started questioning DK Shivakumar in September 2019. DK was arrested after continuous questioning for about four days in the money laundering case. After this, DK Shivkumar remained in jail for about 50 days. After this, Sonia Gandhi herself reached the jail to meet DK. Whose information he gave after the victory. He had then told Sonia that he would lead the party to victory in Karnataka. Currently, more than 19 cases of money laundering, tax evasion and disproportionate assets are registered against DK Shivakumar. In many of which the sword of arrest is hanging on DK. ED has also called him several times for questioning.

No relief even from the High Court
In the year 2019, the BS Yeddyurappa government gave the green signal to the CBI inquiry against DK Shivakumar. After the recommendation made by the state government, the CBI registered a case of disproportionate assets against DK and the investigation was started, after which DK reached the Karnataka High Court and challenged this decision. He said that the Karnataka government’s order for a CBI inquiry is wrong. However, he did not get relief even from the Karnataka High Court. In April 2023, just before the elections, the High Court rejected DK’s petition.

The danger of this is haunting the Congress
Now these cases of CBI and ED are blocking the way of DK Shivakumar becoming the Chief Minister in Karnataka. Congress is in danger of the same thing that if DK is made the CM, then central agencies can tighten their noose on them. Because DK is already out on bail, the sword of arrest is hanging over him. At the same time, in the case of CBI, DK has got a setback from the High Court. In such a situation, Congress would not want to take the risk of making DK the CM.

There may be an impact on the upcoming elections
If Congress makes DK Shivakumar the Chief Minister and hangs the sword of arrest in the ongoing cases against him, then it will be a big stain for the party, which will prove to be very difficult to clean till the coming elections. That is, if DK is arrested while being the CM, then BJP can cash in on it fiercely in the coming elections, which Congress will not want at all. Because elections are to be held in Hindi belt states like Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh before 2024, where the Congress is expected to win. Congress is also in power in two of these states. In such a situation, Congress would not want to take any risk by making DK the CM.

Now, just before the announcement of CM in Karnataka, one more thing has happened, here DGP Praveen Sood has been made the director of Central Investigation Agency CBI. Whose figure is 36 with DK Shivakumar. DK had made fierce statements against Sood, even demanding his arrest, the same Sood has now sat on the post of CBI Director. The same CBI which is investigating against DK Shivakumar. In such a situation, this can also be a big factor for the Congress. To understand this, we spoke to political experts.

What do experts say
Political expert Pradeep Singh said about this matter, I do not believe that DK Shivkumar will not be made CM regarding the matters of CBI and ED. Because there are two cases against Siddaramaiah also, in which charge sheet has also been filed. The difference is that DK’s case has been widely publicised. As for the new CBI director, if there is evidence against DK, then only he will be able to take concrete action against him. If you look at the track record of Congress, it has already elected a leader with mass base despite allegations of corruption. In Himachal Pradesh, there were many allegations of corruption against Virbhadra Singh, Congress did not remove him. Which did not harm the party but benefited. People do not consider the corruption of the leader as a big issue, people like their leader for other things.

double edged sword for congress
Political expert Pradeep Singh further said, if DK Shivkumar is arrested while being the Chief Minister, then Congress can benefit as well as loss… It is like a two-edged sword. If the CM is arrested, the Congress can capitalize on it under vendetta politics. Whereas BJP can make corruption an issue. However, in the end only public perception will decide what the results will be. This opinion can also be formed among people that they were doing wrong, that is why they were arrested, while there can also be a feeling that they are being implicated due to political conspiracy.

Pradeep Singh further says that this may be an excuse for the Congress not to make DK Shivkumar the CM, but if DK does not become the CM, he can break the party. Because in 2019, he had said that BJP had offered him the post of Deputy CM, which he rejected. After which he also went to jail. That is, he did a lot for the party. Despite this, if he is not made the CM, then DK may get angry.

Siddaramaiah is getting advantage
Now Siddaramaiah seems to be getting the direct benefit of the hanging sword of all the cases and arrests against DK Shivakumar. However, DK supporters are arguing against him that he has been the CM for five years and has also announced his retirement. In such a situation, when the next elections come, the CM of the party will not contest the elections. However, Siddaramaiah has an edge over DK Shivakumar because he has reach in every section of the state. Siddaramaiah especially has influence in Dalits, Muslims and backward classes (Ahinda). Congress would not want this big vote bank to get angry with it. This may reduce the popularity of Congress in Karnataka. Siddaramaiah’s height is seen to be higher than DK if seen from the point of view.

However, there is a lot of discussion about a new formula in Karnataka, in which it is being said to propose two Chief Ministers. To avoid rebellion in the Congress party, Siddaramaiah can seal the formula of making DK Shivakumar the CM for the first two years and DK Shivakumar for the last three years. It is being said that this advice has been given to the party by Siddaramaiah as well.


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