What Kate Winslet did in Avatar 2, big heroes will also fail, underwater stunt is related to Yogasana

new Delhi. James Cameron’s latest release Avatar 2: The Way of Water It is rocking all over the world. People are praising the scenes, photography, cinematography, acting of this film. Especially the underwater stunts of the film are going to give goosebumps, in which Hollywood actress Kate Winslet is standing with her arms spread underwater. She shot this scene without holding her breath for 7 minutes 14 seconds Kate Winslet Acting fills you with thrill. Many of us will sweat just thinking that how the shooting would have been done holding our breath for so long. But if you do yoga, you would know that it is possible.

It is difficult for us to hold our breath for a few seconds even while on the ground. Under water… doing this…, Boss is not everyone’s cup of tea! But what is that actor, who does not stop the heartbeat of the audience by coming on the screen. Especially Avatar-2 Seeing 41-year-old Kate Winslet holding her breath in water is a fun-filled scene in itself. But the whole game is of science. Yes, with the help of science and Yogasana, whether it is under water or above the ground or in the air, breathing can be stopped for several minutes. After all, India has not given the gift of Yoga to the whole world just like that. Think about it, many such examples will be found in Ramayana-Mahabharata or Puranas. When a sage got up in the air, a saint took his seat in the sky. Well leave it, let’s not talk about myths. Actually, with the help of yoga, the posture that stops breathing can be done.

Kate Winslet is not alone, record has been made
in avatar 2 movie Kate Winslet The underwater stunt scene is being mentioned for more than seven minutes these days, this has not happened for the first time in films. before kate in hollywood movies only Tom Cruise has done this feat. Yes, ‘Mission Impossible’ star Tom Cruise has already done the feat of holding breath in water for 6 minutes. Cruise did such a scene in the film ‘Mission Impossible – Rogue Nation’. But in Avatar-2, Kate Winslet has broken this film record by holding her breath for 74 seconds more than her.

Even bigger record in Yogasana
Be it Kate Winslet or Tom Cruise, the astonishing feats of film actors always become a topic of discussion. But yoga gurus or experts are the master of breath-holding postures. Yes, if you look at the record of warriors doing yoga Kate Winslet And Tom Cruise will be seen filling water. People have made world records by staying under water longer than these two artists. Budimir Buda Obot of Croatia made this world record earlier. Budimir stayed under water for 24 minutes and 37 seconds holding his breath. He has set a world record for living in water without external oxygen for the longest time. This record was made in Sisak city of Croatia.

How to do such yoga
It is not easy to stay for some time without oxygen or holding breath. But if you do yoga, you can do this. because yoga poses First of all, it is taught to control the breath. According to yoga experts, it is very important for your mind to be calm to stop breathing inside the water. The oxygen level in the body is increased by hyperventilating on fresh oxygen for a few minutes before entering the water. After this, you can spend some time comfortably inside the water. By the way, all the people who perform such stunts say that before such performance, they have to practice their ‘metabolism’ i.e. the process of metabolism of the body. That is, it should be done only after full-practice. According to yoga experts, full breathing yoga kriya is actually a technique that gives mental peace to the yogi. In this process, the yogi is taught to focus on the rhythm of the breath by diverting his attention from the disturbance and turmoil going on in his mind.

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