What kind of space suit would the astronauts of the Artemis mission go to the moon wear?

After the first phase of NASA’s Artemis campaign is successful, preparations are underway for the second phase and after that in the year 2025, NASA astronauts will go to the Moon. For this mission, NASA has unveiled a new space suit developed by Axiom Space. Although the old space suit lasted for a long time, passing the tests over time, but the new space suit is said to be much better than the previous one. This space suit will not only be equipped with many new features but will also work to equip the passengers with many new capabilities.

Man is going to go to the moon after 50 years
This prototype suit was unveiled in a ceremony on 15 March. It has been specially built for NASA’s Artemis 3 mission, in which the first woman and the first black man will be sent to the lunar surface. Before this, the last time NASA had sent humans to the moon in the year 1972. Since then man is being sent to the moon.

Why is the color different?
The special thing about this prototype is that it is not the color of the space suit used by Artemis passengers, which will be white. The color of this prototype space suit is dark brown now, but due to thermal reasons its color will be made white. This time, NASA has handed over many parts of its Artemis campaign to the private sector, in which the responsibility of the space suit went to the Axiom company.

America’s supremacy
NASA Administrator Bill Nelson said in a statement that the Artemis mission will not only return humans to the Moon, but will also maintain America’s supremacy in space. More and more people will be able to get opportunities in the exploration and research of science on the moon.

This spacesuit has been specially designed for the Artemis mission to the Moon. (Photo: NASA)

Why the change in suit design?
The thing to note here is that since the space shuttle era, NASA astronauts have been wearing the same type of space suit whose technology has been basically the same. Experts say that the design of this suit has stood the test for a long time, but the problem with it is that it limits the freedom of movement.

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Why was such a space suit needed?
NASA needed this space suit because in the Artemis campaign, the travelers will not only stay on the moon for a few hours, but will stay there for a long time on the surface and collect many information as well as do some experiments. In a low-gravity place like the Moon, now passengers will need such a space suit, so that they can easily walk, sit down and turn over.

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In this space suit, it will be easy for the passengers to walk on the moon. (Photo: NASA Axiom Space)

special to the moon
Where traditional space suits were used in the microgravity environment of the International Space Station, the suit was easily useful because there passengers did not need to wear it for very long. But this new prototype suit, named the Axiom Extra Mobility Unit or AxEMU, has been developed specifically for lunar conditions.

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There is an HD video camera in the helmet of this space suit, so that whatever the passenger sees, live streaming can be done on the earth. Apart from this, the way of wearing it will also be somewhat different from the previous suit. Significantly, the Axiom company does not have ownership rights on this space suit, this space suit will belong to NASA only, in which Axiom Space has done the work of adding some parts or facilities. Axiom will continue to provide all support related to the Expedition Suite to NASA.

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