When Dharmendra was removed from Kajol’s grandfather’s film, He-Man took revenge and created history in 10 years

New Delhi. Joy Mukherjee (Joy Mukherjee) and Sadhna Shivdasani (Sadhana Shivdasani) Debut film ‘Love in Shimla’ (Love in Simla) It is one of the superhit films of Bollywood. From the story of the film to its songs are still quite famous among the audience. When the film was released, there was a huge crowd in the theater to see a fresh pair of Bollywood. In the 60s, people gave a lot of love to this fresh couple. However, you will be surprised to know that Joy Mukherjee became a star overnight by playing the role of Dev Kumar Mehra. That role was first played by Bollywood’s He-Man i.e. Dharmendra. (Dharmendra) Were about to perform. The fans will feel bad knowing that Dharmendra was thrown out of the film even after giving the screentest. He was easily replaced by the new comer actor of Bollywood and made his place.

Born on 8 December 1935, Dharmendra also entered the world of acting in 1960. His first film was ‘Dil Bhi Tera Hum Bhi Tere Se’. This film was directed by Arjun Hingorani. It is said that after this film, Dharmendra was about to romance actress Sadhna in RK Nayyar’s next film ‘Love in Shimla’. However, things kept on happening.

Dharmendra rejected from the film
According to the report of Imdb, Dharmendra was one of his first choice for RK Nayyar’s ‘Love in Shimla’. Dharmendra had also given a screentest for this film. But he was rejected. If reports are to be believed, he is not fitting in the look of the film. In the film, his stature looked like a hockey player, so his pairing in the film could not be made with Sadhna and he was easily rejected. However, after 10 years in the year 1970, Dharmendra and Sadhna were seen together in the film ‘Ishq Par Zor Nahi’.

Joy Mukherjee replaced easily
The producer of the film, Sashadhar Mukherjee is also believed to be one of the reasons for Sadhna not being paired with Dharmendra in ‘Love in Shimla’. According to the report, when the cast selection process of the film was being done, Sashadhar Mukherjee had already planned to launch his son Joy Mukherjee in Bollywood through this film. That’s why Dharmendra had to be dropped from the film because Dharmendra was completely outside for Bollywood. While Joy Mukherjee belonged to the film family. One, he was the son of producer Sashadhar Mukherjee. On the other hand, he was the nephew of Kishore Kumar and grandson of Ashok Kumar. That’s why he got this film easily and Dharmendra dropped out of the film.

Sashadhar Mukherjee’s relationship with Kajol
Let me tell you another funny thing that producer Sashadhar Mukherjee used to be the grandfather of actress Kajol. Kajol is the daughter of Sashadhar Mukherjee’s elder son Shomu Mukherjee and daughter-in-law actress Tanuja. Who is married to actress Ajay Devgan. In the same relationship, Joy Mukherjee seems to be Kajol’s uncle.
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Became everyone’s favorite within 10 years
After being rejected from the film ‘Love in Shimla’, Dharmendra along with Mala Sinha, Balraj Sahni ‘The Illiterate’ (Anpadh 1962) Gave a superhit film like It was one of the highest grossing films of that year. The film was directed by Mohan Kumar. The film performed very well at the Indian box office and recovered its total budget and earned very well. Along with this, he dominated the audience by giving high rating superhit films like Shola Aur Shabnam, Haqeeqat, Bandini, Phool Aur Patthar (Phool Aur Patthar) and Anupama (Anupama). From 1960 to 1970, that is, within 10 years, Dharmendra became the face of Bollywood.

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