Where was Sengol for so many days? Then how did you suddenly come into the limelight? learn

Sengol In New Parliament Building: The new Parliament House of India will be inaugurated on 28 May. But several days before the inauguration of the Parliament House, the country’s Home Minister Amit Shah surprised the people by using a very old symbol Sengol in a press conference held on Wednesday (May 24). We will give you complete information about this symbol in this report of ours.

In 1947, when the British transferred power to India, Sengol was used as a symbol of the transfer of power. Sengol is a kind of scepter, that is, it is a symbol of ownership of power in the hands of the ruler of the country. The British had handed over Sengol to Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of the country.

People gradually forgot this symbol of transfer of power after independence, but about 75 years after that historic occasion, Sengol is once again in limelight and it will be installed in the country’s new parliament building.


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