Will PM Modi be able to maintain ‘corruption free image’, know the mood of the people regarding the 2024 Lok Sabha elections

ABP C Voter Survey: In the Karnataka elections, the Congress had left no stone unturned to accuse the BJP of corruption in the 40 per cent commission government. It is being said that due to this Congress got a resounding victory in Karnataka. However, it is still difficult for the Congress to challenge Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the national level. We are not making such a claim, but this has come to the fore in a survey.

ABP News and CVoter conducted a survey on the completion of 9 years of Modi Government at the Center. PM from people in this survey Narendra Modi, Questions related to BJP and NDA were asked. This survey has come to the fore at a time when the BJP has recently suffered a massive defeat in Karnataka on corruption charges. Let us know what the mood of the country says in this new survey?

Will PM Modi be able to maintain his corruption free image?

The people involved in the survey were asked the question, do you think that despite the allegations of the opposition, PM Modi has managed to maintain a corruption-free image? In response to this question, 54 percent people expressed their consent in yes. At the same time, 37 percent people believe that PM Modi will be harmed by the allegations of corruption. Along with this, 9 percent people chose the option of cannot say anything on this question.

Why are allies leaving NDA?

In the recent past, many allies of the BJP-led NDA have taken a different path. In view of which the possibility is being expressed that the BJP may suffer losses in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. A question related to this was asked to the people in the survey of ABP News and CVoter. The question was asked why according to you the allies left the NDA?

37 percent of the people who answered this question feel that the reason for allies leaving the NDA is the arrogance of BJP leaders. At the same time, 33 percent people believe that the allies were feeling threatened on their existence while being in the NDA. Due to which he left the alliance. 17 percent of the people involved in the survey told other reasons as the reason and 13 percent people chose the option of saying no.

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