You must have heard tubeless a lot, but have you ever heard of puncture proof tyres? Know how it works

Puncture Proof Tyre: The usefulness of tires in human life cannot be ignored. Life got a new pace after the discovery of the tire of primitive man. Time passed and humans made new discoveries on the basis of their mind and science and made changes in their old discoveries. The journey of the tires was similar. Initially tires were made from wood. When rubber was discovered in time, tires were made from rubber. At present the tire industry is growing very fast. Where earlier there were vehicles with tires and tubes, tubeless tires are now seen in most of the vehicles. However, since the last few years, puncture proof tires have also started coming. Let us know how they work.

problem with tubed tires

By the way, today tube tires are available in the market. But there is a problem with them that if the tire gets punctured then the balance of the vehicle can get disturbed. In this case, tubeless tires are much safer than these.

How are tubeless tyres?

Visually, it looks like a tire with a tube, but there is no tube inside these tyres. It forms an airtight seal with the tire rim. A valve is fitted on its rim, as in a tube.

puncture proof tire

Puncture proof tires are also called self healing tyres. Its specialty is that even if a nail gets pierced in this tyre, then this tire automatically heals the punctured area. This is the latest technology ever in tyres, which is going to be used more and more in the times to come.

How does puncture proof tire work?

The puncture proof tire automatically leaves a layer of sealant material at the puncture site. This automatically fills that hole and helps stop the air escaping. Sealant technology is being used in many new tubeless tires these days. It seals the puncture and prevents the tire from deflating. Thus it becomes a self healing tire in true sense.

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